Louanna wakes up parrish very early for and awkward breakfast with dillworth and helena. They talk about beating the wands and question everything about parrish.

juppar and qodev wake up in the saphire house where breakfast is brought to them in bed. On their way to the colloseum they see medeiron talking to jardwim out front of the yawning portal inn with durnam.

Everyone gets to the colloseum where Brian, Khelben, Kyriani Agrivar, and Peigeiron are. A small halfing Nindil Jalbuck, is taking names and class. after that there is an hour of free training. Princess gella keeps eyeing parrish and so is Rodrick Battlehammer. Louanna is eyeing malorie wand and is worried about the amount of fighters there. Ellenor Crownsilver seems to be concerning her.

juppar and qodev ar eyeing sethrill and most of the dwarves. Garfield hammerhand looks pretty intense. Qodev is checking out Broog Grumfoll, and Grundle Grewbritch

brian and peigeiron are eliminating many people.

First they do archery: parrish, snooty Dellory Ahmaquissar, young but old Hathaway Durothil, tetharian male Moedt belebrante, and halfling rogue Teller Lightfoot, and halfling ranger Jean Felkrin.

then spellcasting: Gella Aelorothi, sixteen year old male Loland Eagleshield, Louanna Belle, from longsaddle crazy Missy Harpell, Malorie Wand, halfling female wizard perrilium weldrid, Qodev Root, Sethril Vyshaan, gnome illusionist tee melodyne., and beautiful Taedra Hawksong, cleric Radcliff Ironeater, and bad guyWarren Belfort who claims to be from baldurs gate

last is melee, half orc Broog Grumfoll, common female fighter from the dalelands ceceil strongsea, dwarven paladin Delfir Brightblade, cute girl Daisy Ammakyl, Garfield Hammerhand, Grundle Grewbritch, Helgra Forgebar, Joseph Mardle, Malvin brook, Quinn Swalltooth, Rodrick Battlehammer, Stella Wynmill, Wilmer Ironstar,

They all end up at the mighty manticore after training is over. shit gets awkward.

They start hanging out with warren belfort.

The next day they go back to the colloseum where The Waterdeep Amateur Battle-Royale, contestants are announced. there is a party there. Sammereza Sulphontis, Larissa Neathal, Caladorn Cassilanter and like everyone else is there. Everyone still hears word of bandits but they then decide to sleep in early for the next day.

The tournament is being announced by Hickoriss bradle and norma cranshaw.

let The Waterdeep Amateur Battle-Royale



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