To undermountain

The gang is looking for a way to undermountain that is not through the yawning portal inn.
In their searching they discover Brianne Byndraeth, who says she is a widow of Halaster Byndraeth. She says she knows of a location off the coast of waterdeep that will get them to undermountain. beware of halaster (mad mage) and xanathar

Off of the coast they see malory wand and her gang of scholars looking for the entryway.

they get into undermountain.

level 1. 5 encounters. Goblins, Bugbears, Spiders

level 2. 5 encounters. Blue bear orc tribe, goblins, ochre jelly, giants.

level 3. 5 encounters. watchers of eye, orcs, goblins, thugs at skullport. skullprot market, juppar runs into timothy eelbrook who says the one who stole the prize was gella. while leaving skullport they see two seperate tunnels. one runs into drow, the other goes further below.

level 4. domain of the eye.

level 5. den of snakes.

level six. undead priests of shar.

level seven. blue bear lair

level eight. hall of gargoyles. dead gella

leven nine. wizards apprentices.

level 10. mad mages lair



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