The battle begins

The battle begins. Peigeiron is surrounded by his 11 lords of Waterdeep, and City watch, City Gaurd, and Jardwim.

City officials are eyeing the whole party. Warren sits with them.

second bracket is

Parrish abe vs. Rodrick Battlehammer.
Louanna Belle vs. Teller Lightfoot
Sethryll Vyshann vs. Ellenor Crownsilver.
Broog Grumfoll vs. Qodev Root.
Taedra Hawksong vs. garfield Hammerhand
Malorie Wand vs. Juppar Villbrush
Dellory Ahmaquissar vs. Warren Belfort
Grundle Brewbritch vs. Quinn swalltooth.

After the first day of battle Captain Ruthalon confronts the gang. He makes the bandit thing a public issue and tells him the problem he has with the gray hands. He says that if they can gather information for them he will make them part of the city watch. Once again they run into warren belfort, and the gang runs into their first agents of the eye (xanathar). they go the dockward where qodev is hit on by a dancer who is actually Nymara Scheiron

blue bear tribe led by huglar wiggson.

The Moonstars (also known as the Tel’Teukiira, the Silverstars or the Twelvestars) were a highly secretive group of individuals formed by Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun with the aim of unifying the humans and other races (especially elves) against the forces of evil. headed by half wood elf kiirma blackmane



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