Arriving at Waterdeep.

Qodev Root and Juppar Villbrush arrive in Waterdeep. They are looking for a where to register for The Waterdeep Amateur Battle-Royale. Juppar has been in waterdeep before and figures registration is by peigeirons palace. They run into Sethril Vyshaan. He tries to start a fight with juppar and qodev. The fight is then broken up by Captain Ruthalon. He tells them that if he has to get the city guard involved all of them will be immediately disqualified. they continue to the Castle Ward.

Parrish Abraham arrives at waterdeep and is also looking for registration. She sees Clan Battlehammer with legendary Bruenor Battlehammer, Cattie-brie, Wulfgar, and their contestant Rodrick Battlehammer. Rodrick eyes her down and says that he is going to enjoy crushing her. the others are busy talking to Brian the Swordmaster so Rodrick keeps harrassing. As that is happening Gella Aelorothi and many sun elf followers walk in. She wishes parrish good luck. Rodrick leaves. Out of nowhere Louanna Belle bell comes over and freaks out that the Aelorothi princess is in waterdeep. parrish learns that louanna is a waterdeep native and goes to the watchful order of magists and protectors. her parents Helena Belle, and Dillworth Belle interrupt and tell her to focus. they say that Malorie Wand has mastered three new spells for the tournament and that she will never become a blackstaff if she does not focus. they all head to registration.

At registration Peigeiron the Paladinson introduces himself and makes a speech. He reads The Royale Rules. He then tells contestants that out of everyone there, only thirty two will compete and over the next three days him and Brian will be walking through and eliminating people as they go. He then tells everyone about prize. After that he says that they can stay wherever they like but the sea ward is off limits because it is booked to nobility. Also Yawning Portal Inn is off limits. He then calls Durnan the wanderer over to speak. Durnan says he will be guarding the inn and that anyone caught stepping foot in the inn will be disqualified and killed. peigeiron then calls over Khelben Arunsun and Malorie wands father, Zander wand. They perform a carzy spell together that raises a colloseum out of the ocean, and a bridge is built on the spot. Everyone looks around and is told to be there by first light the next day to begin training.

Louanna asks Parrish if she will come train with her in Heroes garden, a beautiful public park in the sea ward. They eat at either Gerrins Breads or the fiery flagin. Gerrin at bread shop. At the flagon Malorie wand is there and there is a huge embarrassing fight between her and lou. Parrish is asked to stay with lou at her house in the sea ward for the evening. who knows what she does.

qodev and juppar are in the castle ward and they head to the mighty manticore tavern. Juppar see’s friend jacob who is tending bar. They both see Captain Ruthalon and Madeiron Sunderstone speaking. the conversation does not look pleasant and they walk away. Garfield Hammerhand confronts them. who knows what they do. they decide to find and inn. They go to the saphire house. There they see Madeiron talking toJardwim, they over madeiron saying that the bandits will not be any problem. Durnan has everything gaurded.

The next day they go to the colloseum. training begins. The Waterdeep Amateur Battle-Royale



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