Places of interest

Places of Interest in Waterdeep

There are many interesting places other than those listed below. I have only included those of special interest to our group, or which are just too big to miss.
Aurora’s Realms Shop (N50)
The most lavish of Aurora’s six shops in Waterdeep, this single-story shop is filled with a large on-site stock of rare and costly items to tempt the nobles.
Ref AGC 12, CG 45

Belmonder’s Meats (T23)
The most popular butcher shop in the city, with its wide variety of fresh meats and a small concession of fried meat scraps for a quick lunch.
Ref AGC 10
The proprietors are the parents of one of the children we rescued from the Temple of Orcus; he was one of three children from that group who expressed interest in becoming Konrad’s squire, but an orphan named Deiter was eventually selected.

Blackstaff Tower (C6)
An imposing dark stone 4-story tower with no apparent entrances or windows, it is the home of Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun, archmage of Waterdeep (and, most people believe, one of the Lords) and his apprentices.
Ref AGC 20

Castle Waterdeep
The walls of this great castle, perched high on the slopes of Mount Waterdeep, have never been breached. The fortress is used for training, weapons storage, and stabling for the Watch and the Guard. Its primary function is defense of the city, and from its lofty height its catapults command the entire harbor.
[Not to be confused with Piergeiron’s Palace.]
Ref AGC 5, CG 47

City of the Dead
Large enough to be a ward all its own, this is the general cemetary for Waterdeep. Used as an open park during the day, the citizens of Waterdeep are forbidden to enter its walls at night. Many of the tombs lead into magical dimensions, allowing almost unlimited burial space for noble and commoner alike.
Ref AGC 5

The Inn of the Dripping Dagger (T3)
A battle-scarred and bloodied door hides an amiable, comfortable place for hire-swords to stay and be hired. Filiare, the innkeeper, is very competitve at finding jobs for mercenaries. The inn is a 4-story building.
Ref AGC 10, CG 50
Denys and Konrad both lodged here, separately, for an extended period starting at the beginning of the campaign. Varbrace Zaalen also maintains rooms here.

The Field of Triumph (Sea Ward)
A vast open stadium that plays host to gladitorial combats, illusion and spell exhibitions, horse races, exibitions of monstrous creatures. During the late spring through early autumn, thousands flood though the entrance to witness these spectacles. Be sure to see the Lion Gate, the awe-inspiring carved Grand Entrance. It is also used for public events such as the Open Lord’s proclamations to the city and special gatherings for foreign dignitaries.
Ref AGC 17, CG 40
Konrad spends much of his time here as an instructor.

The Halls of Justice (Temple of Tyr; C5)
High Priest: Hykros Allumen (LG hm P10)
Clergy: Harkas Kormallis – Tyr’s Champion (LG hm P11)
A four-year old compound that houses a modest temple to Tyr and very ardent followers. The compound consists of grandiose 2- and 3-story buildings, built as much for show as for use.
Ref WW 61, AGC 20, CG 47
Although not a cleric, Hykros has demonstrated the ability to Speak With Dead as if he were a cleric of 14th level or so; how he is able to do this is unknown. His son Mikhail was a kidnap victim rescued by our group. The boy more or less worships Konrad and will shortly begin martial training under Konrad’s tutelage.

Hawkwinter House (N11) Walled villa containing three castlelike buildings and the site of many lavish parties.
Ref AGC 14

High House of Roaringhorn (N42) A once-proud villa reduced to a shambles by excessively frequent parties, though its appearance does not detract from the noble family’s goodwill throughout the city.
Ref AGC 14

The House of Heroes (Temple of Tempus; $58)
High Priest: Turik Bloodhelm – High Sword (CG hm F9)
Clergy: Maxtilar Rhebbos – Prior (CN hm P6)
This is the largest of temples in the city (three stories, a grandiose structure built as much for show as for use), and attracts spectators and combatants alike from the nearby Field of Triumph.
Ref WW 61, AGC 15, CG 43

Places of interest

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